4All was ‘Siri’-ene for Apple, until Yahoo came along, and ‘Now’ all is distinct. We’re discussing the warfare of the assistants, when the daft wordplay did not give it away currently! It does not get any larger than Apple Versus. Google in terms of the top. Apple called first dibs in the thought of the virtual assistant over a smart phone, and immediately applied the concept within the iPhone 4S. Yahoo, in the flip side, required its period, and consequently also discovered a technique or two from its adversary’s achievements and problems, and arrived with a far more refined variant of the same for customers of Jelly-bean.

Google now


Real Google-esque simple layout

Very nippy using the search results

Correct results regarding the inquiries, along with related suggestions regarding the research

Assistance for words and inputting to begin the hunt

Hassle free and innovative discussion together with the consumer, by utilizing cards to show the information instantly updates you regularly with applicable info, depending in your use pattern and queries

Regular updates that generate performance for the application

Knows and adapts to your own use and encourages you with important recommendations

Presently supports 49 highlights and 42 languages Drawbacks

Is now supported only over a number of products

Isn’t entirely incorporated in the OS however

Its use of the mobile applications is fairly small

It nevertheless does not match to the normal speech styles used by its own opponents

Lacks ‘character’

Whilst the patent warfare were hitting up between the cell telephone makers, the minds at Google were active working on mastering their Yahoo Voice Search program, which actually was rather popular on its adversary’s system, the iPhone. Having securely established their prominence within the Web search engine arena, Yahoo barely had a job on its hands with constructing a digital personal assistant software around its well-liked search app. With a couple of small adjustments plus a plethora of additional capabilities, Google Today was launched in addition to Android 4.1, Jelly-bean. The earlier edition of the applications, while very notable and sleek, was criticized for being unable to be aware of the natural-language of the consumer. In the newest revamped taste of android, 4.2 (still Jelly-bean), Google more improved the consumer experience, with so much as support for natural-language commands and inquiries. Using its latest upgrade, rolled-out through Perform Shop, they more enhanced on the app, plus it now handles features like trip and traffic improvements, and loads of other small customization. ‘Ask and you also will receive’, therefore they say, however occasionally Google Now appears to supply you with all the newest feeds about items that interest you, also without you requesting! With the new features and loads others in the cards, Siri absolutely appears to have discovered its complement in Google’s newest offering.



Has sophisticated functionality and may manage the majority of the capabilities of the mobile

Improve the consumer experience using an interactive voice response for the inquiries, loading the application a character of its Is entirely incorporated with the cellphone’s OS (iOS), providing it additional performance

Bears out most features assigned with comparative ease, giving actual awareness of the personal associate are a much more well-known among the people, being the first proper effort at getting an actual personal assistant application on a smart-phone Presently supports 15 languages

Apple is considered to be dealing with leading vehicle manufacturers to incorporate Siri in their voice control systems you may practically have a reasonable dialogue with it. Additionally, it may attempt to break you up along with a laugh or two! Disadvantages have difficulty understanding particular features

May be fairly sluggish sometimes, particularly if it requires to pull data on the internet

Will pull up unimportant and incorrect information at times

Customers have sometimes complained about issues using the application

Lots of its on-line capabilities do not operate beyond the USA

Famous for its amazing and incredibly easy OSes, Apple took the planet by surprise together with the launch of its own take in the digital personal assistant, Siri. Actually, iPhone 4S, the mobile it was launched on did not appear to be just as popular as the helper on board it! As you had begun to expect of it, Apple launched to the planet, something which was genuinely ground-breaking and unusual till then – an intelligent virtual assistant ‘dwelling’ inside your smartphone. Apple still advertises it for a merchandise, also it has quite a distance to proceed before it could promise to become a whole personal assistant. Nevertheless, it’s a tremendous step in the correct path, as well as additional businesses have since followed suit. Siri may manage the majority of the simple functions with comparative simplicity, like reserving film tickets, creating an appointment, and looking the Web for advice. It may be only a bit slow in rolling the data on the internet, but the great point here is that it really will simply enhance the more you apply it. It discovers from your own relationships with it, and procedures information so. With its simple-yet powerful functions, Siri remains the most famous virtual assistant on the marketplace now, even though Google Now’s near on its pumps. You may need to hold in mind the latter remains within the phase of its own growth, while Yahoo now appears to have gotten the better of Siri in many fronts. Furthermore, Google is the indisputable leader of search-engines, and evaluating it with Apple, that’s mainly famous for its equipment (although they did a fantastic work with iOS and OS X), would be like comparing Oranges and Jelly Beans! You may also need to consider, that nevertheless exceptional Yahoo Now take the assessment with Siri, the reality remains that there are sure to become a much more customers for those latter, as only under three% of Android users have Jelly-bean (Google Now is backed on Android 4.1 and over). What that signifies is before Yahoo catches up with it, that Apple has a while on its fingers to siri – ously function on its application. Therefore while these personnel learn and improve with time, you can regularly settle back and grin to Siri’s wise comments and cracks, or get Google Today to perform a barrel move for you!


First things first: the screen. The Nexus One aced the new iphone in this aspect using a display size of 3.7 INS. Their pixel quality is an amazing 800 x 480 pixels (which was the greatest until the official launching of the 4), with an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, Yahoo has provided the absolute best possible blend of specifications here. In contrast, the iPhone 3GS just had a 3.5 inches screen dimensions, but it’s a TFT capacitive touchscreen, with 480 x 320 resolution dimensions. The AMOLED display consumes lesser strength; however, the TFT screen is lighter. Because of this quality to the Yahoo Telephone is higher, but it’s hard to use outside because of large reflection speed. The edge of the iPhone here’s the fact that the screen is entirely scraping proof so even though you-drop it, the monitor may remain unchanged.

In terms of the memory stick issue is anxious; the iPhone includes a memory of 8 GB, 16GB or 32GB. To the flip side, the Nexus One includes a 4GB Micro-sd card, which is often prolonged as much as 32GB. While the Nexus You has 512MB, the interior MEMORY to the iPhone is 256MB.

The cam to the Nexus One is much better at 5 MP plus it possesses an LED display, whilst the display is lacking within the 3.15 MP iPhone cam. As the Nexus, you have a 20 fps shooting price, saving videos is a job better done in the iPhone although having a 30 fps (frames per second) capturing price.

The iPhone gets the accustomed iPhone OS and includes a ARM Cortex-a8 600 MHz chip. To the flip side, the Nexus have a remarkable Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz chip and works on Google’s very successful Android OS. Actually, the Nexus One can be considered the finest Android cellphone around (a name formerly used by the Moto Droid). Both os’s offer a broad variety of programs to be applied in the products, and have their particular advantages and disadvantages. You will find staunch proponents of both os who totally swear by it and might not consider changing to a different OS.

The main difference; however is the immediate opposition between your Android and OS. The selection for applications is definitely greater within the OS (125, 000 vis – a – vis 20, 000 for the Android); thus one might say the OS is way more exceptional. This may change in the past few years ahead, with all the many Android established phones released now. The edge that Android has been that phones produced by any producer can run it, whilst the OS may just run in the iPhone. This iPhone challenger’s assessment may even be helpful to you personally.

New iOS Apps NowWith the era of technology in full ascension and people more eager to entertain than ever, there are many new possibilities for us to spend our free time doing something we like. Moreover, now, with the help of our smart devices, we can benefit of entertaining options even when we are away of our desktop computer or laptop. It is a fact that now, most people choose to watch movies instead of going out and spend their money. Moreover, when you get used to watch movies, it is hard to stop even when you are away.

Now, with the help of our iDevice such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is easy to keep in touch with the latest episodes of your favorite TV series or TV shows. The iPad is suitable to watch movies at home, and the iPhone for out side your place. If, you are in the bus, train or even in school, you can still watch your favorite movie right on your iPhone.

However, for this, you need to find useful apps that will allow you to download or to stream movies on iPhone. With a jailbroken device and with a free Cydia download, you will be able to make use of the best Cydia apps for watching movies right on your iPhone. Cydia Store is an immense source for useful apps to download, and the movie field is not left outside the box.

Here, I want to mention you a pretty useful Cydia apps which seems to be just suitable for downloading movies on your device. What is great with this app is the fact that if offers an impressive collection of movies. You can find anything you want to watch, even newer movies, or movie premieres. Therefore, the Mobile Theatre is the pretty surprising since it offers free movies for download. Its interface is clean and uncluttered, and it is easy to use.

Once you first launch the app, you will be able to see a screen showing you several movie categories to choose from. You have movies, TV shows and TV series. In each category, you can choose movies that are shows in theaters, cinemas or only online. Moreover, you also have the possibility to see which movies you have already downloaded in case you forget. In this way, you can keep a track of the movies you enjoy watching.

This amazing movie app is on of the best Cydia apps for watching movies. Moreover, it is free of charge within the BigBoss repo.